29 Jan

Longboarding is a sport of riding the longboard that resembles a skateboard. The only difference is that it needs time, bigger wheels besides larger pickup trucks to let you commute and perform certain moves like freeriding and slaloming.

Longboarding a thrilling experience. Conversely, it’s simpler to get started with longboarding in comparison to what skateboarding takes. If you got a longboard and some leisure time in hand, head off right away and kick the ground.

But, before you embark go through this guide once. You are surely going to find it convenient and helpful to find Best Longboards For Beginners here https://endzonescore.com/best-longboards-for-beginners/ .

Types of Longboards

1. Decide Your Purpose

Before you empty your pocket, you need to analysis what you are going to use it for. Are you going to use it for cruising and carving, or you want to hit the valley at a high-speed? Not to forget, the freestyle and freeride.

 If you don’t have a criterion, then you would never know what would match your purpose best. There are different combination of decks and hardware to match different riding styles. Shape, size, flex, design; you need to consider all these carefully.

Remember, that to find best longboard doesn’t always mean picking the bestseller, but to find that one longboard that suits your purpose, riding style, persona perfectly.

2. Check the Longboard Hardware

The moment you are ready to ignite your ultimate passion, get familiar with the complete longboard setup including the deck, trucks, wheels, bushings as well as bearings.

a. Check the deck. Longboard decks are made of several layers of sturdy wood like bamboo, maple and birch. They are glued and hard-pressed together, giving it a concave shape. The press also gives it a camber or rocker profile. The varying shapes and profiles facilitate different riding styles. Moreover, it keeps your feet precisely in position giving you absolute control on your ride. Manufacturers may use other materials like foam, carbon fiberglass to perk up the boards.

b. Trucks. In longboards the trucks are placed in a reverse position. That is why they are called reverse kingpin. The longboard trucks are wider than the skateboard trucks and allow you to take tight radius turns. Furthermore, it stabilizes your ride even at a high-speed.

c. Wheels for speed. Big and wide longboard wheels are better at absorbing the jerks and ride faster. Also, you get a good grip while taking the turns. However, longboard wheels are softer than the skateboard wheels.

d. Bushing. Another hardware that influence the boards’ whirling performance are small rubber pads that lie between the trucks and hangers. They come in various shapes. Soft bushings are more responsive at slow speeds, but less steady while riding downhill. Firm bushings are good for high-speed rides, but not easy-to-handle for basic cruising purpose only.

e. Bearings. There is nothing like faster or harder bearings. It is just the manufacturing precision that is identified as ABEC rating. More the rating is, longer it would endure.

3. Look of the Longboard

The look of the longboard speaks volume about your style. With so many designs and colors available it is really confusing to settle down with one. You can simply pick one that suits your persona and style.

4. Do Your Homework

First, pick an appropriate one according to your purpose. Once considered, don’t forget to check how it performs. You can check other people’s experience and feedback online. Otherwise, if you have a friend who is passionate about longboarding, consult him.

5. Protective Gears

This got nothing to longboards directly. However, don’t miss out on the protective gears like hand guards, knee shields and helmets. Skinned elbows and bleeding knees are unsurprisingly common with longboarding.

There are different kinds of longboards suitable for different riding styles. We would be covering that in a separate set of articles. Until then don’t let the substandard longboards deceive you. So, analyze, research, compare to find best longboard for yourself!

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